Neotethys - Demo

by Eohalis

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released March 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Eohalis Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Progression of Supremacy
Deep within the woods
a new species has evolved.
Poised to change the face of the Earth
unlike ever seen before.

Deep within the seas
the very first of its kind.
The old regime has been turned upside down
a new genus claims the crown.

What I witness
what I see
as ages pass
progression of supremacy

The most ignorant kind
nowadays reigns supreme.
How can they believe
they stand above all on Earth has been?

What I witness
what I see
as ages pass
progression of supremacy

Outro Deep within the woods
Deep within the seas
Track Name: Fatalities of Gigantism
Supersized beasts roaming the great plains
rulers within the seas and in the skies
with enormous figures dominating their terrain
with gigantic size dwarving them all

has made them powerful
made them invincible
allowed them to exploit
the scarcest and most elusive resources

beyond infinity
unto the fathomless
regards to capacities

beyond infinity
unto the fathomless
on the featured reserves

Environmental conditions have drastically changed
organisms failing to adapt will inevitably pass away
the giants' figure became its' severest handicap
turns out its' success was based on a framework that's collapsed

Just a matter of time that the beast would once break down
Track Name: Eternal King
His throne
(has) never been demanded
a kingdom with boundary
emperor of no man's land

His allegiance counts millions
the greatest dignitary of all time
in highest order of precedence
the greatest sovereign of all

Now there is a bounty on his head
they want the most precious skull of all
they have found his weak spot
the hunt has begun

They call for his residence
they enchain the majesty
his breath is filled with blood
they slaughter the king

The beheading begins
no mercy for blue blood
the nimbus is broken
his allegiance feeds on his body

A new king will be anoint (tonight)
by the finest cetaceum
of once former emperor
of no (more) kings (mans) land

How long will this new dynasty last?
This miss gotten reign (of hate)
it`s just a question of time
and we will cast down the new king